Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WANT List.... The Clothes Edition

Afternoon lovelies,

Now as you can tell from the title this isn't makeup related, it is in fact to do with my other girly love and that is CLOTHES!!!!

I by no means am a fashion expert here don't get me wrong and i am guilty of making many a fashion faux par but that doesn't mean i don't know style when i see it! Given that my work place is not the most glamorous place in the world i only have my free time to really go wild when it comes to clothes and even then I've gotta admit I'm a little shy (Gok Wan i neeeeeed you!!!!).

But like i say the following images are the things i am craving and just generally wishing i had the balls to wear. So please enjoy my little fantasy Look Book if you like.....

BOOM! that pop of colour that pokes you in the eye is exactly
what you wanna be wearing this summer (we'll i do anyway).
The cream/brown accessories bring it down to earth and pull
the whole look together.
I love the way they've tied the necklace and jeans together to give
the outfit flow, from one piece to the next.

I am in love with this outfit....Simples!
i mean whats not to love, pretty white dress with fine detailing
then that fluorescent pink creating a stark contrasting.
The good thing is anyone could pull this look off!
It's so universal and all you'd need to do
is tweak with the accessories!

Now tell me you don't love it.... go on i dare ya.
It takes the classic white tee and dark jean combo that is timeless
and just adds character!
The turquoise of the bag & shoes are one of my all time favourite colours
but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find it anywhere!
Given that the main outfit is so simple it just makes the colour stand out even more.
It's a happy colour :)

Taking inspiration from the nautrical theme (first piccy) i found this in Peacock's!
For £12 it's a bargain i recon, it's kinda see through but nothing a white or navy vest top
couldn't fix and it's so floaty and flattering with 3 gold buttons
and a scoop neck it's perfect for bigger boobed ladies.

How pretty!!! Love me some corals so will defiantly be purchasing this!
Perfect for maybe an evening with some black trousers or something.
O and don't forget them gold accessories people.

This will be mine when i get payed i can assure you of that.
Perfect mint shade, the cut is just right for me and the just above the knee is
ideal for keeping it playful but chic.
Peacocks for £18 in case anyone was thinking alone my line ;)

Just wanted to show you my lovely NOTD-
OPI in Pink Of Hearts 2009
And my watch was a gift for Christmas from ASOS,
i am in love with the Micheal Korrs watches but at £300 a go, i think I'll stick with
mine ta lol. Goes with anything and is big enough to tell the time...

That's all folks, sorry it was along one!
Go out and be colourful beautiful people :)

Kel x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mentions, Monsters & Makeup

Evening all,

So before i ramble on as usual i just have to say Hello to someone..... Ben!

Not his proudest moment but i found it amusing!

He's my boyfriends sister's boyfriend (if that made any sense to you people! lol) and I'm trying to convince him to join my blog so come on Benny boy, join up! You can find out loads of makeup tips and surprise Bex!!!! :).

Anyway back on subject!!!

Now this was my bargain of the day, it was a grand total of
And i tell ya what, it took one coat to applie, lasted 3 days without
chipping AND is a beautiful deep Burgundy (my fav).
So head on down to your local Superdrugs and pick yourself up
afew bottles of MUA nail vanish.
This one is number 17 (they don't have names!), think
I'll be aiming for the lilac one next.

Yet another MUA find is there eyeshadows also at £1 each.
There highly pigmented, have some really nice palettes (abit like the Sleek range)
and also have started to do a small Matt collection!
Well worth a look and at such cheap prices you got nothing to lose i say.

Now I'm a big Revlon fan and have been for sometime now, i buy there
colour stay foundation (in 150 buff in case you were wondering lol) all the time
and just think they are such top quality products!
From there lippys to there nail vanishes they do the lot so when i noticed
they've added this primer to the equation i was straight onto it like a blood hound!!!
It's part of there photo ready collection (you gotta try the foundation people!)
and i have to say it's quite good.
Ive only been using it for a week so i want to try it out a tad longer before i give a review.
As for the No7 spot treatment.... what can i say i had a voucher, i get spots so i went for it!
Wouldn't recommend it thought, hasn't made a huge improvement so far anyway.

This big beauty (I'd say little but it's 500ml so bigs defiantly a better description lol)
was on youtube a while ago so i wrote it down in my Lil beauty notebook and the other day i
bought it's with my boots points finally!!!
I was excited to try it because it's a 2 in 1 combo...
shower gel PLUS lotion!
It smells so good with the extra bonus of lasting longer because it's so big plus
smoothing your skin at the same time so you don't have to flap
about with all over moisturising if your in a rush!
Genius or what!
I also would love to try some of there makeup line like there lip balms and
mascara :)

As for little monsters, well ours comes in the form of Poppy!

Don't be fooled by the cuteness, she's had her grubby mitts on 5 pairs of my pants
and here she was trying to upgrade to my socks!
I'm on to you Miss Poppy.

Kel x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Quotes & Luscious Lips

Howdy girlys,

Been having a good day have we?! What with all this beautiful weather comes bright colours especially when it comes to our Lil suckers (lips people lips, don't be thinking naughty now lol).

Now i L.O.V.E Kim Kardashians makeup!
I'm not overly keen on here but her makeup is something else.
The detail and just how flawless it is is to me a piece of art.
But anyway back on subject, i love the pop of colour on the lips!!!
Not something i could personally pull of but we defiantly heading towards
the right shades for summer :)

17 lipstick in Beehive
Sooooo moisturising and such a pretty pinky/peach colour!
I was aiming for getting a replacement of Barmy Beige but they were out of stock
so i chose this Lil beauty instead and boy am i glad i did!
(i also had a boots voucher for money off 17 products so another added bonus)

Not quite Kim's fuller pout but it'll do so you can get the idea!

What I'm really after though is Revlon's Lip Butters but when i went into Boot's especially all that was left was the testers!!!! So I'm defiantly on a mission for those bad boys.

Bring on the summer aye ladies :)

Quote Of The Week

The Greatest
Pleasure In Life
Is Doing
What People
Say You
Cannot Do!!!!

Damn right it is!!!! If you believe in yourself then nothing else can stop you no matter what anyone else has to day so start believing today ladies because you can all achieve great things!!!!

Your Kel x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Round up of the week

Evening all,

Anyone noticed anything different.... maybe a Lil change to my bloggy look?! I mean how pretty, even if i do say so myself! Now i should explain that;

1. The me afew years ago would have HATED pink with a passion but over the past few years i have       been transformed into some what of a pink lover (i think I'm ill) so hence the over load on suttle hues of pink!

2. I love Paris!!! I've been there once and completely fell in love with the charm and beauty of the place so that explains the pictures!

3. And finally you have no idea how LOOOOOONG this took me to figure out so you bloody well best appreciate the effort people (i mean that in the nicest way obviously).

Now on to.....


The Good

- Finally figuring out after 3 days of head scratching, naughty words and many cups of tea how to achieve a satisfactory look for my Lil bloggy poo. (first impressions are important OK peeps!).

- Discovering an amazball nail vanish for a £1!!!! ( MUA in superdrugs people, MUA).

- Seeing beautiful flowers for what feels like the first time because lets face it it's been a long arse winter!
(how pretty are these?! and they smelt gorgeous... no idea what they are though)

- Having lovely friends! Ones who will put up with your wining, burping, long winded stories and most of all bad taste in men lol. You know who you are my good people, thanks for putting up with me :) (in case you dont know who you are you wollys; Lorren, Bex, Mel, Sue, Claire to name afew).

The Bad

- Climate control.... there is none to put it simply! One minute it's foggy, next I'm melting into a small puddle. I mean for crying out loud, abit of warning would of been lovely just so i could get my wardrobe into gear and not be wrapped up for the Antarctic in 20c sunshine!!!

The colour just made me smile and think of summer :)

- Being ignored! I hate it when someone dosen't speak to you for no apparent reason, especially when it's a very important person in my life. It's rude, disrespectful and just plain crappy so stop it basically!

The Ugly

- I only have one here and it's quite deep so brace yaselves..... Judgement.

Now I'm big on female empowerment and standing up for yourselves so when i did abit of day dreaming earlier in the week (i was at work so its fine, i wasn't driving or anything so don't panic lol) and i was thinking back to how i use to be. Timid, shy, never stood up for myself or spoke my own mind! But now i couldn't be more different, i have a voice and i damned if anyones gonna shut me up now haha.
So without further ado here's a song i found that kind represents that's, ENJOY!!!!

Kel x

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dog sitting, Haulage & lighbulbs

Me again :)

Dog sitting

Now you know when you see something cute you can't help but let slip a small sound that resembles AWWWWWWWWW, right?! Well look at this and tell me you could resist not saying it.....

Meet TWINKLE!!!!
I had the pleasure of doggy sitting this Lil cutie last night and I'll admit it was hard giving her back to her mama afterwards i won't lie. Ah sod it i know you lot wanna see more:

See you can see why i had some difficulty giving her back can't ya lol. She's a long haired chiwawa in case any of you where thinking of investing!


Now onto purchases, yesterday while i was getting my mitts on my No7 mirror (see earlier post!) i also got myself a mini haul while i was at it which i shall go into more detail tomorrow but here's a sneak peak for the time being

I wanna do my first ever haul post justice of i shall be posting more in detail till tomorrow but i just wanted to fill you guys in because knowing my luck come tomorrow the pictures will either have vanished or i could of just got a serious case of memory lose, both are very possible! lol.

Light bulb Moments

Do you ever have one of them moments where you stop what your doing and your suddenly hit
with what feels like a Genius idea that not even Albert Einstein himself
could of come up with?!
OK well maybe that's a tiny bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift here.
Well I've kinda been having afew of them recently which is rare for me but it's nice to know the old
brain cells are still in action anyway lol.
When you have moments like this the best way to remember them is to WRITE THEM DOWN
and the reason i emphasise this point is that you'll kick yaself if you forget, trust me on that
So here's afew ideas on how remind yourselves in a fun way.....

Hope this has got you inspired!
Till next time lovelies,

Kel x

1 down, 4 to go!!!!

Afternoon lovies,

Hope you've been enjoying this rare British weather today!!! I attempted to yesterday but after lugging what I'm about to talk about all the way from town i got extremely hot and sweaty (and not even in a good way) and felt the threat of a faint coming on so i didn't really enjoy it at that moment of time i can tell ya.

Anyho enough of that Lil ramble, I'm here to tell you i finally got one of the items from my WANT list post!!!! I finally got my No7 mirror, he he.

Look at it all nice, snug and new in its box
(snug ain't the bloomin word, i couldn't even get into the Lil bugger!)

And this is where it's perminate home shall be, in the corner on my window seal hidden
behind the curtain ready to make it's appearance every morning!
(makes it sound like a movie star doesn't it lol).

Don't you get a sense of achievement when you finally get something you've been after for ages?!
or is that just me :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Women Wednesday- Kate Winslet

Damn twice in one day, you are being spoilt ain't ya ;)

So for today's Women Wednesday I'll be chatting about the beautiful..... Kate Winslet!

I remember when her single came out for the film The Christmas Story (or something like that!)
and i remember thinking, damn this woman can do anything!!!
Single, act and be a beautiful female icon.

Titanic is something we all know and love her for (and applaud her for, i mean i
wouldn't get naked A. in front of the world and B. and most importantly
in front of LEONARD DICAPRIO!!!!!)
This lady sure has balls I'll give her that but what she also has that i find so
inspiring is that she's normal.
And by that i mean she's down to earth, warm, kind, open and most of
all is comfortable with her healthy curvy figure!!!!
Hollywood certainly hasn't changed this woman and i thank her for that because in a world
and an industry like hers she's managed to stay true to herself and in doing so
has proved such an inspiration for not only me but thousands like me......the normal girl!

Hope this was a gooden for ya, talk soon lovelies!

Kel x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eye catching!

Hi everyone,

Sorry i had to rush off last night but exercises was awaiting me and boy was it an experience. Not only did i look like a frog doing a very inelegant doggy paddle but i managed to swallow half the pool AND stub my toes..... in a diving pool! Just don't ask. But it was fun to say the least and i may consider doing it again, maybe.

Now on my travels i take some very odd pictures so i decided I'd share them with you lovely that because lets face it, who else am i gonna show them too?! lol.

How hilarious is this?!!! I must of looked a right turnip taking a picture of this
but something that cause you to double take a violently as i did (almost
causing whip lash my i add) was defiantly worth a photo opportunity!

Awwwww i road named after me, they should have :)

I though this looked so adorable just perched up on a wall all on its Jack Jones
that i had to take a picture! It was tiny, i can see why someone may have
mislayed it lol.

Sooooo pretty! i want it and i want it now, at £14 you can hardly grumble either!

Well if your gonna have the mirror you might as well have the matching bird cage

My Makeup case!
Love it, love the red interior and the space, it's just me all over!
Tomorrow I'll be doing a Lil video on where i keep my basic everyday makeup
so keep an eye out for that badger ;)

So till tomorrow my lovelies, have a nice evening!

Kel x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Quick note before i drawn....

Howdy people,

Sorry its a day late yet again but the weekend wasn't the best of my life so far so i got a tad distracted but we're all good now don't you worry! And i want to just say a quick thank you to Lorren (that's my gorgous new friend at so go check her out!!!!) for being sooo supportive and lovely to me, thank you hun :)

Now this will just be a quick one because i'm off to go drown in a diving pool..... just kidding (i hope:/). i'm off to venture in to the world of deep water arobics so heres hoping it'll be a good experience aye.

Now i've been eating alot of this.....

And spending alot of time in one of these!!!

So thats about my round up of Sunday! lol. Just kidding but thats gonna have to be all
for now people, I'll natter to you all in a bit after my deep water adventure!

Kel x

Friday, 16 March 2012

WANT LIST (Or Wishful thinking list in my case!)

Evening all :)

My darling boyfriend whos been diagnosed with a mild case of Hyperthermia has still decided to bugger off out with his mates, refusing to take advantage of my nursing skills so therefore you've got the pleasure of a lil bloggy post from yours truely tonight! Lucky you aye hehe.

Now one of my favourite videos to watch on youtube is Make up Collections/ Organization (you know you agree with me on this one ladies) so as people are going through there collections they tend to recommend things which admidedly i take note of! Trouble is i've now got such a big list of WANTS thats its taking up half of my blooming note book :/

So i thought i'd share with you my top 5 here tonight and see if we can say SNAP on anything (my favourite by the way and for your own safety i recommend you never challenge me to a game because i will not be held responsible for my actions! You may lose a finger.... you have been warned) lol.

Anyho on to my list of top 10 WANTS:

1. MAC Eyeshadows
- Carbon
- Naked Lunch
- Brule
- Nylon
- Satin Taupe
- Woodwinked
- Swiss Chocolate
- Shroom
- Sable
- Soft Brown
- Espresso
- Cranberry
(I think i've got a problem.....)

2. Korres Lip Butters
I've never actually tryed them but i've heard
such good things about them that the beauty addicted in me is just
crying out for me to get them! i love the sound of Jasmine the best
(the lightest pink one in the picture!).

3. Urban Decay Naked Palettes Original & 2
Theres no need for a visual of this one because i think we all know what they look like by now but i want them soooo bad! And i know that that makes me sound like such a baby and its such a boring thing on my wish list because everyone practically already got them but i don't care :(.

4. Sleek Contour Kit
Now I'm big on contouring (what girl with a square
shaped face wouldn't be!) but i'm having a real problem finding
the right shade for my face! So down to the glorious reviews
on this beauty I'm hoping this is the mirivle i've been searching for.... i'll let ya know.

And last but not least......

5. No7 Illuminating Makeup Mirror
I know this isn't technically a makeup product but its what you use to put makeup on so therefore i'm allowing it! I'm desprite for one of
these bad boys, I'm attempting to put my makeup on in the darftest
mirror ever invented and it's to damn big to stick on the window seal
to be about to see so half my face looks find and the other.... well
not so good! So i'm thinking this should probebly be number one,
definatly a must by in my current situation.

Hope you've all enjoyed that, have a lovely weekend and if any of you
have got any suggestions on your wish list items comment below! I'd love to
know :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm soooooooooo excited!!!!!!

Back again peeps,

Now you know when i put THAT many O in so that means that even my insides are doing a Lil dance of joy!
My Real Techniques brushes by Sam Chapmen arrived today might just be the reason, hehe.

You wouldn't believe how quickly i opened this after waiting a whole bus journey to work
after picking this little beauty at at my local Boots! Actually scratch that, i can't
believe how restrained i was not to open it right then and there in the shop!!!

There they are, just calling out to me to pick them up :D

Now I'll be honest here, i could stop stroking them lol. i even attacked my colleague
with them just to prove (and probably justified why i couldn't put them down!) just
how SOFT they were!
(like seriously babies bum ain't got nothing on these bad boys now)

And the stands are GENIUS. they make so much sense and make them look so
sleek and lovely that i don't know if i can even bring myself to use them!
(I'm just kidding of course I'm gonna use them it's just gonna take
me a minute to compose myself lol)

It was 3 for £5 on these so i thought why not aye, chuck them in there aswell while
I'm at it! Then i realised just how desperately i need blushes, I'm ashamed to
admit it but i only have 2! How bads that for a makeup lover and
wannabe MUA!!! (it's OK I'm beating myself up for you here)

And just a daily moisturiser i picked up because like a wolly i picked up night cream instead of
day cream on my last attempt so this time i read them label afew times don't worry
(lets just say i was standing in the isle staring at it for so long the shop
assistant came over to me.... in SAVERS! they never do that normally lol).

Right I'm off to go stroke my brushes some more, I'll be doing a full review soon
so keep your eyes peeled for that lovely!

Kel x